Meal Options

Meals & Such

On your own for meals:

Local meal options...

  • Grubhub delivers to Rockin' R
  • InstaCart delivers to Rockin' R
  • Restaurants are just 10+minutes from Rockin' R
  • Guests can also order from
    Gregory's on Main and have meals delivered on Thursday.

Making your meals at RR...

  • If you use the kitchen, please clean up immediately so that the kitchen is clean for the next person/group.
  • If you use the kitchen to prepare your meals, please plan ahead of time so that you only take up 30mins or less time in the kitchen so that others will be able to use it also.
  • Guests have access to 3 fridges, the kitchen, and all of the kitchen equipment, dishes, etc...

What is provided for you:

  • Plasticware, disposable plates, bowls, napkins
  • Coffee and unsweet tea
  • We have an ice machine and good tap water for drinking.
  • Feel free to bring your favorite beverages!
  • We have a Keurig, please bring your own pods.
  • Snacks provided: Chips, Microwave Popcorn, Whole Fruit, Nuts, M&Ms & Skittles.